Protecting our Fish and Wildlife
for Future Generations.


Justice Department Logo (small)Fish and Wildlife Enforcement is the division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety responsible for protecting Newfoundland and Labrador's valuable fish and wildlife stocks from poachers. Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers work hard to investigate and charge those involved in illegal activities.  You can play a vital role in preserving our province's unique and abundant resources by anonymously reporting suspicions of poaching in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We value every tip and we consider your input very important to our work.


Put Poachers in Focus

Report Poaching
24 / 7 report line: 1.877.820.0999

Images & Videos

"Little Bona" Monument Restoration
"Put Poachers in Focus"
NL Sportsman Outdoor Expo - prize winner 3yr old Brody Dymond of St. John's.  Congrats Brody!

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